1. What is a preauthorization or preapproval for dental procedures?

Preauthorization or preapproval is a process in which you obtain approval before undergoing certain procedures or treatments. It helps determine if the proposed treatment is necessary and covered by your plan.

2.What is the difference between in-network and out-of-network dentists?

In-network dentists have agreed to pre-negotiated rates with Fidelio, resulting in lower costs for covered services. Out-of-network dentists have not established such agreements, which may lead to higher out-of-pocket expenses.

3.How can I find an in-network dentist?

Visit Fidelio’s Subscriber Log-In to find in-network dentists in your area. Alternatively, you can contact Fidelio directly for a list of participating dentists.

4.What should I do if my dental insurance claim is denied?

If your dental insurance claim is denied, you can start by contacting Fidelio to understand the reason for the denial. We can provide clarification and guidance on how to proceed, including the possibility of filing an appeal.

5.How can I find out what dental services are covered by my insurance?

To find out which dental services are covered by your insurance plan, you can review your policy documents or contact Fidelio directly. We can provide detailed information about the coverage and any limitations.

6.How can I enroll in a dental insurance plan?

To enroll in a dental insurance plan, you can typically do so through your employer's benefits enrollment period. Contact your employer's HR department directly.

7.How do I obtain a dental insurance ID card?

Dental insurance ID cards are often provided as part of your plan upon enrollment. If you need a replacement card or have not received one, contact Fidelio directly to request a new ID card.

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