FIdelio Dental Insurance provides high quality affordable dental insurance plans of all types including DPPO, DMO, and ASO. Fidelio’s center of excellence is focused on personalized service and committed to customer satisfaction. Call Fidelio Dental Insurance today to discuss how we can help keep your company smiling. (800) 262-4949

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1.Why should I choose Fidelio over other dental
insurance providers?

Fidelio is successful in containing health care costs for employers and subscribers within Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Maryland through our preferred provider programs. We pride ourselves on our personalized service which we extend to all of our clients, their enrollees, as well as the dentists.

Our programs offer:

  -Competitive Rates

  -Comprehensive Dental Benefit Packages

  -Choice of Dental Plans — PPO, Managed Care/DHMO or ASO

  -No charge for customized reports to meet the requirements of the administration

  -Quality dental facilities in locations where the subscribers live and/or work

  -Excellent Customer Service Department

  -Old fashioned service with “real” people answering the phone

2.Where can I find rate information and purchase a
dental plan?

Plans and rates vary by location and group size. Your Fidelio sales representative can assist in choosing the best coverage and rates for your company at [email protected]

3.Are Fidelio Dental plans available in all states?

Fidelio Insurance is a top regional dental insurance provider and is successful in containing health care costs for employers and subscribers within Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Maryland. 

4.Will Fidelio's Dental network work for my organization?

Due to Fidelio’s strong reputation and well-crafted approach to signing up providers, Fidelio has a proven track record of building a network of providers our clients need.  It’s not just a number game to us, Fidelio focuses our resources on signing up providers your subscribers use and need.  

5.How can I lower my insurance costs?

The advantage of choosing Fidelio over the competition is our ability to lower costs through personalized service and the flexibility we offer clients when handling requests.  Since everything is done in-house, Fidelio is able to respond quickly and efficiently, always delivering what is requested without delay or inconvenience to the subscriber.  Fidelio’s proprietary claims processing system combined with a team of senior claims representatives allows us to boast a 99.89% accuracy rate with a typical turnaround time of 5 business days or less.

6.How many employees are necessary for enrollment?

We cover small to large business, unions, universities & education, hospital & health, construction & trades, government and non-profits.  For more information, contact us at [email protected]

7.How can my employees find a Fidelio network dentist near them?

Our Subscriber portal allows employees to search for dentists in their area.

Fidelio In-Network providers, on average, agree to some of the lowest rates in the area.  However, on the occasion that an employee or dependent needs or wants to go out of network, Fidelio allows those doctors to submit claims directly to us.  Fidelio goes the extra step and pays out of network providers directly, saving the subscribers the inconvenience of filling out paperwork and eliminating the need to pay the full amount upfront.


8.Is there a fee for getting an insurance quote?

Never, Fidelio treats each potential client as a strategic partner; that is, we understand the more informed that our clients and their employees are about their Dental Plan, the better the relationship with Fidelio will be.  Fidelio is constantly looking for ways to help our clients make the best of their plans. 

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